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Strong support from Horizon Health helps Yankton man achieve sobriety

Feb 1, 2024 | Blog


Seth Foley has lived in South Dakota most of his life. He’s 39 years old, and for the first time in a long time, thanks to help from Horizon Health Care, his alcoholism is under control.

“I’ve struggled with alcoholism quite a bit in my life and really didn’t have good health care,” he said. “Then I discovered Horizon and they’re always welcoming and very kind to me.”

Interacting with provider Mandy Thoms, CNP, and Michelle Kral, one of Horizon’s Patient Support Specialists, has given Foley a support system he can fall back on when he has concerns or setbacks. He was referred to Horizon by his case worker at Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health. Kral and Thoms helped him enroll in Medicaid and the 340B program, which provides discounted prescription drugs.

“I was in recovery for a while,” he said. “I’d stay sober for good periods of time but couldn’t ever just maintain it. They helped me find out I could get Medicaid and that’s helped me tremendously.”

Kral helped him stabilize his mental health and provided him with food from the Horizon Patient Support Pantry.

“Now I’m maintaining sobriety really well, and my health is being taken care of,” he said. “They’ve just helped my quality of life be a lot better.”

Seth still struggles with health issues Thoms and Kral are helping him to overcome. They’ve set up appointments with specialists in Sioux Falls and transportation to get there. He’s able to communicate his symptoms to them.

“I’d be in big trouble right now if they didn’t help me,” he said. “They’ve just been massively supportive to me about my sobriety and getting my health back.”

The positive steps Thoms and Kral have taken to manage Seth’s care has given him hope that he can go back to work. He’s had jobs in the restaurant industry and as a long-haul trucker. His current part-time employment is being impacted by problems with his sight and balance. Doctors are working to figure out the cause. Even with these issues, Thoms said his health is much better than when she initially treated him.

“Seth’s health has improved tremendously,” she said. “He is diabetic and has been able to get his diabetes under control and well managed. He has been able to lose some weight. He is now a lot healthier.”

Access to affordable care contributed to his recovery, Thoms said.

“We just try to congratulate him on the little wins and just be here when he has concerns or is having a hard time. We try to help him as much as we can to push through the difficulties. Having us as a support has been able to help him achieve the sobriety he has.”

Foley said without Horizon Health Care he would be struggling badly.

“I wouldn’t have anybody to talk to about the symptoms I’m experiencing,” he said. “It’s made me feel as a patient that I’m genuinely cared for and they’re doing everything they can for me.”

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