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Questions Your Doctor Will Ask During a Primary Care Visit

Before you show up for your primary care visit with your doctor, you should come prepared to answer questions about your medical history and current concerns.

Our primary care providers do the best they can to take into account all factors before making a diagnosis, and they will ask multiple questions to fill in the gaps which helps them place themselves in your shoes.

Furthermore, it helps you as a patient get your primary concerns properly diagnosed and proactively treated, moving you further down the path of wellness.

Common Questions Doctors Ask Patients

There are many common questions a doctor will ask, and they do so to help pinpoint what will be the most effective treatment plan. Some of the most common questions are:

    • What brings you in today?
    • What are your symptoms?
    • When did your symptoms start?
    • Have your symptoms gotten better or worse?
    • Do you have a family history of this?
    • Have you had any procedures or major illnesses in the past 12 months?
    • What prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements do you take? Which ones have you been on in the past?v
    • What allergies do you have?
    • Have you served in the military?
    • Are you sexually active?
    • Do you use any kind of tobacco, illicit drugs or alcohol?

    Preparing for a Visit with a Dependent

    If you are bringing in a child, elderly parent, or another dependent under your care, you should do your best to gather information about their condition.

    It is helpful to write down every symptom your dependent has mentioned or showed to you so you do not forget any key information. Additionally, it is smart to bring along any prescriptions they are currently taking so the doctor has an accurate understanding of your current treatment.

    Above all, if you have any questions before your visit, you should call the clinic you are visiting and ask to speak to a nurse or someone who can address your concerns.

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