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Patient Miracles and What it Means to Have Health Care Close to Home

Nov 13, 2019 | Blog

Isabel is a small town of about 150 people on the rolling northwest South Dakota prairie. While remote, it still bustles as a commerce center for Dewey County and its neighboring farmers and ranchers.

It’s also home to Kristi — and thankfully, home to Horizon Health Care.

Kristi’s Health Crisis & Long Awaited Miracle

Kristi works at Sparky’s in Isabel, the town’s main street café and watering hole. Several years ago on her way home from work, she experienced a car accident that crushed her pelvis and required multiple surgeries. Because of the procedures on her pelvis and hip, it was likely that Kristi would never successfully have children.

But that changed.

When Kristi discovered she was pregnant, she was both thrilled and nervous. The pregnancy was risky; not only because of her surgical repairs, but also because of the volume of medications she was taking.

Her pregnancy went mostly without complication until a few weeks before birth.

Convenient Visits to Horizon Health Care in Isabel

She began visiting Horizon Health Care in Isabel daily to have her blood pressure taken, run lab work and various other tests. The clinic is right across the street from the cafe — a fact she appreciates. With care and monitoring, her son was born healthy and Kristi was healthy too.

A few years later, the birth of her daughter was more complicated. Stressed and anxious, she again visited the clinic frequently for checkups. Her daughter was born 12 weeks premature, weighing just a couple pounds. Kristi made the 125-mile drive to Bismarck, daily after work, to visit her daughter in the hospital.

“It was a difficult time,” says Kristi. “I’m very thankful for having the clinic in town and the support of the community.”

Her daughter is now a healthy young girl and Kristi regularly brings all her children to Horizon Health Care in Isabel.

“I’ve grown a trust and bond with them,” says Kristi. While hours vary in small town clinics like Isabel, she adds, “You have to make some sacrifices in order to help your community.”

Although she qualifies for Indian Health Service Care, her loyalty remains with Horizon Health Care.

She is grateful for the care she received locally and wants to see the clinic and community thrive for years to come.

If you live in a small town in South Dakota, please find a Horizon Health Care clinic location near you. Horizon serves the health care and dental needs of South Dakotans throughout its medical or dental clinic locations in rural communities.


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