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A Journey to Wellness for Say Wah

Mar 6, 2020 | Blog

Say Wah admits she had a lot to be depressed about. Her health problems were numerous. She wasn’t working, had no insurance and was living with her daughter in Huron, who helped provide care.

Having come to the United States and briefly living in Arkansas, Say knew she was now in a safer, smaller town. But new challenges would arrive. On top of her many medical difficulties, she also discovered blood in her stool.

Say knew that was a serious problem, but like many, she faced a difficult choice. Get the colonoscopy that she could not afford or go untreated and hope for the best.

At-Home Colorectal Cancer Screening Saves Life

Horizon Health Care recommended an at-home colorectal cancer screening, which they provided for free during their Colorectal Cancer Awareness promotion last March. Her test kit was free of cost due to the generous donors to the Horizon Health Foundation.

Say met the risk factors, such as age, and the test, unfortunately, came back positive. She didn’t have coverage for a colonoscopy and that’s where the Horizon Health Foundation donors came in again for support.

Horizon Health Foundation Cancer Care Fund

The Horizon Health Foundation provides funding for accessible and affordable health care in the 22 rural communities Horizon Health Care serves. They not only support the medical, dental and mental health services of the clinics, they have special programs in place to help people like Say.

When established in 2016, the Horizon Health Foundation started a cancer care fund to assist with cancer education, care, and support for Horizon Health Care patients. Thanks to the generous donors of the Foundation, they are able to help with patient care.

Horizon Health Care teams identify patients who are a candidate for FIT screening, and the Horizon Health Foundation assists with the kit purchase and mailing expenses. In February, Horizon mailed over 400 FIT kits to patients who were not screened for colorectal cancer. To learn more about our partnership, read our Colorectal Screening Partnership news story.

Say received funding for her colonoscopy from the Foundation. But she received so much more than that. She received peace of mind.

“If I hadn’t done the colonoscopy, I wouldn’t have known my problems,” says Say, speaking with the aid of an interpreter. “I am happy and very grateful the Foundation did this.”

Ruth Lim, MD attended to Say’s care and says, ”The concept of preventative medicine in developing countries is close to being unheard of simply because most people can’t pay for it. The ability to help our patients, one story at a time, is truly wonderful and I am glad that we have the opportunity to pay it forward, thanks to Horizon Health Foundation. The gratitude in our patients’ faces is palpable.”

“I felt like family at Horizon,” says Say. “They cared for me, encouraged me and welcomed me throughout lots of illnesses.”

Say gets regular wellness exams and other services from Horizon Health Care. She adds, “Since coming to the clinic, I am getting better and feeling better with medication. I am not hopeless like before.”

And perhaps that’s the greatest Foundation gift of all – hope.

Take Your Journey to Health with a Wellness Exam

From the very first wellness exam to screenings, and every step along the way, we provide a wide range of personalized health services for supporting every individual health journey.

Don’t wait to attend a yearly wellness exam. A wellness exam protects you and is covered by most insurance plans. Schedule your routine wellness exam today! Find a Horizon Health Care clinic location near you, and reach out to book an appointment.

Give the gift of health during Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Donate to the Horizon Health Foundation.


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