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Howard Farmers Co-op Invests in Colorectal Cancer Prevention for Rural South Dakotans

Mar 27, 2017 | Blog

(HOWARD, SD) – With limited days remaining to donate to the HOPE $20,000 Match Challenge, Howard Farmers Co-op has demonstrated the “neighbors helping neighbors” mentality by joining the Horizon Health Foundation’s efforts in providing life-saving care to South Dakotans.

Horizon Health Foundation is pleased to announce a gift from Howard Farmer’s Co-op, in support of the $20,000 Match Challenge, which will benefit your South Dakota friends and neighbors who cannot afford a colonoscopy.

Howard Farmers Co-op is led by General Manager Bruce Yanish and a seven-member board of directors, who made the decision to donate to the challenge to raise awareness, while making a statement of support to their employees, customers, and everyone in our agricultural communities that have been or may be affected by colorectal cancer.

“As one of the largest employers in town, we felt that it was important to support this cause that can affect so many in our rural communities,” said Norman Andenas, Howard Farmers Co-op Board of Director. “These are our customers and neighbors that we could be helping. Anyone can suddenly find themselves without health insurance or unable to pay for their health care through some twist of fate.”

During the month of March, Creative Printing of Huron has partnered with the Horizon Health Foundation to offer this $20,000 Match Challenge. This challenge coincides with Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and all gifts made through the challenge will be directed to patients in need of a colonoscopy. “Colon cancer and colonoscopies aren’t an everyday topic of discussion, but they’re something everyone has experienced and should be talking about,” said Yanish. “Either you’ve experienced it yourself or someone you know has…this challenge is an opportunity to give a gift to spark more conversation on the topic.”

In these final days of March, individuals and businesses, have the opportunity to join Howard Farmers Co-op in making a gift to the Horizon Health Foundation in support of colorectal cancer prevention and awareness – a gift that will be matched to double the number of South Dakotans that will be touched with a potentially life-saving colonoscopy.
To join in this special opportunity to have your support make twice the difference, please visit or call 605.772.5907 before March 31st.

About Horizon Health Care, Inc.

For over 39 years, Horizon Health Care, Inc. has been providing personalized, affordable, high-quality medical, dental and mental health care through a rural, community-based network in South Dakota. Horizon is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that serves the medical, dental and mental health care needs of South Dakotans in rural, medically underserved areas through 83,000 patient visits annually in 26 community health centers in: Aberdeen, Bison, Bryant, De Smet, Eagle Butte, Faith, Fort Thompson, Howard, Huron, Isabel, La Plant, Lake Preston, Martin, McIntosh, Mission, Plankinton, Wessington Springs, White River and Woonsocket. For more information please visit

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