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Flu Vaccination in South Dakota

Horizon Health Care wants you to know the real benefits of a flu vaccination in South Dakota and how it can protect you and your family.

Anyone above the age of 6 months should have an annual flu shot. It’s simple, mostly painless, and the smart thing to do!

Why Get a Flu Shot?

  • Dramatically reduce your chances of getting the flu.
  • Decrease the likelihood of having to go to the doctor-or even be hospitalized.
  • Protect the most vulnerable, like infants, seniors, pregnant women, or those who struggle with chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.
  • Prevent more serious health problems if you have a compromised immune system. The shot will make your illness much more mild.
  • Hinder the spread of the virus in schools or at work.


Be Prepared for Your Flu Vaccine Appointment

Make your flu vaccine appointment as efficient as possible.

Due to COVID-19, flu shots will be given during special flu shot clinic hours or by appointment. Masks will be required at the time of flu shot.

Most insurance companies cover the cost of flu shots. We will bill your insurance company for the amount of the vaccination. If you’re a patient who chooses to process payments through insurance at the appointment, please bring your insurance card.

Flu shots are also available for a $30 cash price if paid the day of service.

A sliding fee discount will apply on flu shots for patients who qualify for the Sliding Fee Program.

“Slug the Bug” this Flu Season!

Get the flu shot and knock out your chances of getting the flu.

Trust us. You don’t want to be in the ring with viruses. They change every flu season, so you need to attack this year’s challenger.

Don’t wait. Schedule your flu shot at your local Horizon Health Care clinic today!

When Is the Flu Vaccine Available in South Dakota?

As a flu vaccination provider, Horizon Health Care can help. The flu vaccine is available now at our medical clinics. Please call your local clinic to schedule an appointment.

Find your nearest Horizon Health Care location.

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