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Horizon Health Charitable Care Application

The Horizon Health Foundation was established in 2016 to ensure rural health access to those in need and provide funding for Horizon Health Care, Inc. (Horizon). One of the funding opportunities offered through the Horizon Health Foundation is the Charitable Care Program where funds assist with support for those unable to pay the out of pocket deductible and copayments associated with their medical and dental insurance policy, despite good faith efforts to meet the financial obligations of an approved Horizon Health payment plan.

To be eligible all of the following must be met:

  • Be an established patient of Horizon Health Care, Inc. and either be self-pay or have 3rd Party Insurance coverage through an approved Health Insurance carrier that Horizon Health Care, Inc. has a Participating Provider agreement with at the time of service.
  • Patient must apply for slide fee if they haven’t already. Patients are still eligible for Charitable Care if they qualify. (Sliding Fee must be utilized first)
  • Currently have an outstanding patient balance of more than $500 and has executed an approved Payment Plan with Horizon Health Care, Inc.
    Show a good faith effort in meeting the financial requirements of the Payment Plan and have at least six consecutive months of making a payment, of any amount less than the required minimum amount, on their account.
  • Have had contact, written or verbal, with the billing department, with documentation in the patient’s chart from the billing department employee that had contact with the patient, explaining the reasons for not being able to meet the financial obligations of the Payment Plan.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Marital Status / Spouse Info

  • Dependents

  • Add more dependents by clicking the + icon below the fields.
  • Employment

  • Insurance

  • Additional Questions

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