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“Best Dental Care” for the Boyle Family

Jan 31, 2023 | Blog

A large family comes with many joys – daily playmates, extra hands to help around the house, and a growing heart for a mother. But with a big family comes bigger bills, especially when it comes to health care. More children mean more dentist visits, and for Mike and Isabel Boyle, they travel over two and a half hours round-trip to receive care from Jerauld County Dental Clinic in Wessington Springs.

As a paster in Parkston and owner of a commercial cleaning business, Mike and Isabel are blessed with seven children, ranging from ages 2 to 16, and Horizon’s dental clinic is the closest facility that can give their family discounted rates through the Sliding Fee Program, which offers reduced prices on medical and dental bills based on family income.

“The sliding fee allows us to be proactive in dental care with our big family, rather than reactive,” said Isabel Boyle. “It’s super simple to sign up for.”

After trying many dental clinics and having bad experiences, the Boyles are grateful for the care provided by the Horizon staff.

“Best dental care I’ve ever gotten, and we’ve been to many places,” said Isabel Boyle. “Nowhere I’ve found has better dental care.”

The commute makes it all worth it when Isabel and her kids walk through the doors and are greeted by kind smiles. The staff even provides treats to help the kids enjoy their experience.

“Not only do we go there since it offers financial help for our family, but they do a good job,” said Isabel Boyle. “We don’t have to drag our kids to the dentist because they actually enjoy it.”

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