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About Horizon Health Care

Horizon Health Care provides personalized and patient-centered, quality care. That means comprehensive wellness services and an invested presence in the communities we serve. We are woven into the fabric of communities, because health and wellness is not just a service. It’s our mission.

We are a Community Health Center that provides high-quality, affordable health coverage in medical, dental and mental health. Horizon has a very special relationship with our patients. We are primary care providers who care. And we’ve been nationally recognized for it by the Health Resources and Service Administration among others.

A rural patient population should never compromise the quality of their care because of geography. Horizon Health Care has leading edge technology and telemedicine capabilities. This allows us to work with providers and specialists virtually anywhere in the country.

Our services go beyond exams or urgent care. Of course, those things are important too. However, Horizon Health Care places a special emphasis on providing whole health medicine and wellness throughout your life. When we see patients regularly throughout their lives, we know their history, and ultimately provide better care and outcomes.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Mission: Horizon Health Care, Inc. provides rural communities with access to high-quality, affordable primary healthcare services.

Vision: Our vision is to be a community-driven leader while providing access to equitable and culturally sensitive care for all. We strive to improve our patients’ quality of life with care that exceeds expectations.


Quality: We deliver evidence-based and culturally sensitive care that puts patients first.
Integrity: We act with professionalism, honesty and fairness while interacting with patients, employees, and the communities Horizon serves.
Respect: We treat everyone with dignity and kindness, while respecting patients’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality.
Collaboration: We look outside Horizon to discover partners and resources that address the health and wellness needs of Horizon patients and communities.
Teamwork: We work together, recognizing the power of our combined efforts exceeds what we can accomplish individually.
Stewardship: We hold ourselves accountable for the ethical and efficient use of Horizon’s financial and human resources in order to sustain healthcare in our service area.
Innovation: We seek solutions for the challenges that face Horizon, leveraging the unique strength, creativity and passion of Horizon’s board members, employees, patients and communities.

Horizon Health Care provides quality health care to all regardless of their ability to pay for services. We work with your insurance companies and offer sliding fee scales for those who qualify.

We care for the wellness of the whole person, and treat every patient with professionalism, dignity and respect.

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