340B Program

340B Prescription Drug Program

Prescription Pill Bottles

The 340B Prescription Drug Program is a federal prescription assistance program. It allows Horizon Health Care to offer discounted medications to our under-insured and uninsured patients through partnerships with local pharmacies in and around South Dakota.

Prescription Assistance Program Offers Discounted Prices

Discount amounts vary depending on the medication. The cost savings stay local, benefitting your nearby pharmacy and your local Federally Qualified Health Center. Depending on the medication prescribed, the discounts may be as much as 35-75%.

  • 1-30 Day Supply Starting at $8.01
  • 31-60 Day Supply Starting at $16.02
  • 61-90 Day Supply Starting at $24.03

No paperwork is needed to sign up for the 340B Program—simply tell the front desk staff that you wish to use the 340B Program for your medications. Our staff will process your information and send it to the appropriate pharmacy.

340B Participating Pharmacies in and around SD

The list of pharmacies below are currently participating as a partner pharmacy in Horizon’s 340B Prescription Drug Program. All patients reserve the right to choose their own pharmacy for prescriptions.



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